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Project: Queuing System Upgrade.

A reputable National Bank used to have a standalone isolated queuing system in each branch that could not any more convoy with the bank increasing needs in serving  its customers that are keeping growing daily in count and in services delivered by the bank.

The Bank was aiming to switch to a Smart Queuing System that delivers centralized Provisioning & Management as well as delivering high quality services for the expanding customer base.

ACE managed to Deliver, Install & Maintain a Smart Queuing System Solution, based on a centralized Infrastructure and Management.

The System serves all branches all over Egypt, and is fully integrated with the existing banking systems.

For a better ROI that reserves the Bank payments, the solution was supported by a centralized Digital Signage System that displays Entertaining & Advertising content for Bank services, which makes a good investments in customers minimized waiting periods.

The solution was recently developed to enable Remote Booking for Appointments or Queues using a Mobile App or a WEB App.

Project: Database Upgrade

Database Upgrade project for a well-known national corporate in Oil & Gas field is considered one of the great success stories, not only in ACE reference book, but also in Database Solutions market as well.

The project aimed at consolidating scattered modules of Databases owned by the corporate different entities, in a centralized Database, while preserving current investments, in a smooth migration process that does not affect the critical processes running daily by the customers’ highly qualified Technical team.

ACE could manage to Deliver, Install & Maintain the solution using minimal resources of Database Licenses & Hardware that serve customer needs and protect their investments, by making best practice of using products of our valued Vendor Partners .

ACE was marked as a Pioneer in delivering such functionality for the first time in Egypt to the Oil & Gas sector in the Egyptian Market, by exploiting creation & innovation skills in ACE Sales & Engineering Staff.

Project: Core Banking Apps Migration

The Bank was aiming to Renovate & Upgrade the Hardware Infrastructure hosting the Core Banking Applications & Card Management System to convoy with the continuously emerging new technologies in Software Applications and Database.

The project highly required that the whole setup runs in a smooth migration mode with minimal down time, which has no effect on customers’ daily activities in the bank.

ACE could manage to deliver, install & maintain the Hardware Infrastructure needed for hosting the Bank Applications in a reliable hosting environment for the critical 24/7 running applications, while meeting the Bank requirements concerning timing & downtime limitations.

The solution also included delivering, Installing & Supporting a Software Database with several modules that deliver different functionalities including Security, Portioning, Tuning, Diagnosis and Application clusters, as well as Cost Management Implementation.