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A queue management system is used to control customer queues.

Queues of people form in various situations and locations in a queue location.


These days, customers don’t want to stand in line. They are expecting excellent service in queue form. And why not? Your competitors are working hard to improve their customers’ experience, so why shouldn’t you?

Queue Management is becoming the norm. Being able to measure KPIs (key performance indicators), such as waiting times, transaction times and employee performance, which is becoming standard practice.

Queuing System Solution


It is a suite of products that include queue management, touch screen kiosks, central management, digital signage and customer feedback functions. Digital signage enables you to target your adverts to the customers that are currently in your shop or office. The queue management element ensures that the customers watch the screen where you advertise, as they want to see how their ticket number is progressing through the system.

The business intelligence function automatically collects data and statistics that show you how many customers are visiting, both in real time and historically. It also shows you transaction times, waiting times and staff’s idle times. The business intelligence, analysis, and forecasting functions enable you to collect all this data, and to organize, categorize, analyze it. You can see patterns that may otherwise go unnoticed, and predict future trends based on real data.


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